Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend of Pain and Pleasure

So this weekend started off great,. I had the Friday off and my good bud Glen came from Kingston for three days. He arrived late morning and we immediately launched into a game of Civilization 4 Beyond the Sword.

Shortly after 11am we headed out to pick up another friend of mine Paul and proceeded to The Works on Bank street for lunch. The Works makes the best hamburgers in the known universe, hand made all beef spiced to perfection gourmet delights. I had the BAB burger, Paul had the Smokey Mountain and Glen had the Hamburger Mary.

We dropped Paul off and went back the my Apt to continue with our CIV game. Around 6pm that evening we left and picked up Darin and went to the Colosseum theatre on Carling to see District 9 with Ken and Brian. We got there, got our tickets and snacks and went in to grab seats. Some how Ken and Brian got the time confused, which is weird since it was the suggested time and place I think by Brian. Anyhow the movie was pretty good and I enjoyed it.

Saturday after a morning of CIV, which we lost finally, we went to the Ottawa science and tech museum. Enjoyable museum, lots to see and enjoy for a smaller museum. We met Darin there who volunteers in the amateur radio section. We then went to Lone Star for lunch on St. Laurent. A Glen was haven a quick smoke, he realized my truck had been scratched, about 18 inch long scratch on the tail gate. About 2/3rds of it appears to be clear coat only and the rest either has transfer from the scratching item or it is to the primer. I of course saw red, and in the end I am glad I didn’t see who did it, I hate the inside of a jail cell.

After the movie the three of us played a game of CIV, not a great start but it killed the day. Sunday morning after breakfast Glen headed home.

I will have to get the scratch looked at, I am hoping its not something I need to fix immediately or it may rust, I am hoping its more superficial and it can wait, Christ I haven’t even made a payment on it yet. I also need to know if polishing the truck will impede repair, or if it can wait until later and I can polish it.

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  1. I actually had the "Rough Rider Comeback".

    Sorry to hear about the scratch. Some people have no respect.