Sunday, August 16, 2009

Delivery Day!!!

So, as you can see, it all happened.

Friday August 14th 2009 at 4pm I was handed my keys to my new 2010 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Adrenalin. OK it wasn't exactly 4pm, there were 9 people picken up new vehicles and both business managers worken full steam to get us all done. About 5:30pm I was done with all the paperwork, and was heading out to get the low down on the new truck.

First things first, this was no cheapo vehicle, all told it was significantly more money then any previous vehicle I have owned or leased, like ALOT more. So with out sounding foolish I have been walking on pins and needles all week, I was even a little worried "What if I hate it?".

Well most of that went away when I saw it there all polished and glistening in the sunshine, man did it look dead sexy. Sterling had it spit polished, the kind only seen on military personnel's parade boots. My sales women was still finishing up with a customer who also bought a new vehicle so I had some time. I kinda toured the truck, testing things playing the controls and features, and of course took some pictures.

After the introduction I proceeded out of the dealership like a proud papa, well more like one who was looking forward to many nights of Kraft Dinner. I didn't head straight home, I stopped by my good Bud Darin's place. He was locked in a pitched battle in Eve Online, having never seen the game live I watched the fight unfold with interest. Of course he won and scavenged some cargo and grabbed the item he was lookin for on the mission. Darin came out and we took the Sport Trac for a little drive, he gave a whirl behind the wheel and back to his place we went. His wife had arrived, and they invited me to dinner at Montana's but I was hot to trot to the lake and honestly didn't want to spend the dough, I have to be a little more frugal now. So I drive his wife to the Montana's (which is on the way to my place anyhow), and went off to get ready for the trip.

On cloud nine is all I can say, Darin seemed to like the vehicle even if it isn't his cup of tea. He owns a Murano, though I am not overly fond of the styling (or any crossover like that for that matter), it is a very good vehicle and has served him faithfully with out issue for almost 2yrs.

On the short drives so far I noticed one major difference from my Escape, this new Sport Trac is damn big. You sit higher, though the vehicle is not much higher over all. The wheel base is wider so it is not as nimble and as much as the escape drove like a car, this drives like a truck. No one parking pull ins, its a three point affair now. The V8 seemed to have more then ample power for such a heavy vehicle and the exhaust emitted a soothing throaty grumble when accelerating. The engine roars to life when you give it some juice but really quiets down for the cruise.

I had to change spots in my parking garage, I was under a low point so I needed more room and now I have lots. The truck is a bit of a pain to park, and more so to get out. Of course some of this is my issue, its new so I am overly cautious and tentative. Also I have to learn the dimensions and that takes time, and this is only day one.

So I packed up my duffle bag, and loading up my cat Loki in his carrier and set out for Golden Lake where I have water front property and a 30' Jayco trailer up on blocks. My 2008 Stratos 476SF is moored out front just begging to go fishing. As an aside, my cat Loki hates the new truck, the seats are leather and he has all his claws, so unlike the cloth seated Escape he is not allowed to wander and must stay in his carrier.

Next up My First Weekend with the Sport Trac.

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