Thursday, August 20, 2009

D&D Night

So interesting development, a bud of mine borrowed our gaming table and needed a ride with some one who could bring a 6' table along for the trip to meet up. So I offered to pick him and the table up after work at his place in Barrhaven and drive us both back to Ottawa South to Darin's.

I of course take the OCTranspo red and white limo to work, so I get home around 5pm. I quickly feed Loki the cat, and headed out to get Ken. On the way out of my building, the super stopped to comment on my truck, and how good it looks. Guess he noticed it right away.

On route to Barrhaven I was stopped along Hunt Club road, well not stopped, a guy just pulled up and asked me about my new truck. He was driving an earlier model Dodge Dakota Sport, black, slick machine still think they are sexy trucks. He mentioned he was over 300k and was lookin to replace it. We chatted as we waited in traffic. Seemed like a decent guy, again so cool to have my new ride seem to gather so much attention.

Made it to Ken's and we loaded up the table, my first thought was to have tailgate down and use a few bungi cords to hold it in the bed. But I learned that the rear tonneau cover had built bungi like cords that could be attached the to rear internal bed tie downs. Thus holding the table tight against the closed rear tail gate. Worked like a charm, slick idea, these Ford engineers thought of every thing.

The trip to the guys game night was uneventful, Ken bought me subway for picking him up. My buds came out for a peak and seemed impressed at my new truck. Prolly all think I am nuts with how much I spent, their prolly right, but thats why we have jobs and show up to work every day, not for health but so we can own new toys.

Anyhow thanks for reading.

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